We aren’t Foolin! The 35th Highmark Quad Games is Celebrating with $35 Registration!

On Friday, March 17 the Highmark Quad is celebrating its 35th year by offering $35 series registration!   For 24 hour only, anyone who has NEVER participated in the Quad can register for this 4-event series for $35. We want you to stop thinking about joining the fun and actually join the fun!

The 35th Highmark Quad Games is scheduled to kick off with the swim on Sunday, April 23 at McComb Fieldhouse on Edinboro University’s campus; followed by the bike on July 8, the run on September 9 and the ski on January 21. Can’t make the first swim date? No problem! We offer a makeup swim on May 7 at the Glenwood YMCA.

Are you nervous about jumping in the pool? Have you never been on a pair of skis? The Highmark Quad will be partnering with local experts to offer event clinics to help you prepare for each event. Commit to doing something big in 2017 and be part of the 35th Highmark Quad Games!

You can register for this year’s Highmark Quad Games, online at www.highmarkquad.org. Registration for all four events is only $35 on March 17, if you have never participated in the Quad. Register online using the coupon code “NEWTOQUAD35”. Registration is $50 for all you regulars!

Thank you to this year’s Highmark Quad Games sponsors: Highmark, Wegmans, General Electric, UTZ Snacks, AXA Advisors, Corey Barbato of Remax Real Estate, PowerAde and St. Vincent Impact Physical Therapy, Competitive Gear, Achilles Running Shop and the YMCA of Greater Erie.