Welcome to the Highmark QUAD Games

A four event fitness program or a competition to find out who's the best athlete around? That's your decision to make when you embark on the four short term sports challenges of the Highmark QUAD Games.

QUAD Photos, by Mark Bowen Photography
Upcoming QUAD Events

The 33rd Annual Highmark QUAD Games!

April 26- 100 yard swim meet, Edinboro University McComb Fieldhouse, 9:00am.
July 11- 12 mile bike time trial, Edinboro University, 9:00am.
September 19- 5 mile run, North East, PA, 9:00am.
January 24, 2016- QUAD Ski, Wilderness Lodge, Wattsburg, PA, 1:00pm.


Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking back on our family’s big bike trek from Pittsburgh up to Edinboro for the Quad swim brings mixed feelings. We managed to fail at the Quad adult and kid bike races in multiple ways. First, a little background: I am pregnant. Some people have great, energetic, glowing pregnancies. Some people, like me, get a […]

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