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A four event fitness program or a competition to find out who's the best athlete around? That's your decision to make when you embark on the four short term sports challenges of the Highmark QUAD Games.

QUAD Photos, by Mark Bowen Photography
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Highmark QUAD Corporate Wellness

A great way for your company to get on a healthy track is to enter a team in the Highmark QUAD Corporate Competition. The path to finding fitness through the life sports of swimming, biking running and cross-country skiing is a pure and a positive step for your employee’s wellness.



HIGHMARK QUAD SKI RACE Sunday, Jan.11, 1:00 pm Wilderness Lodge It is with great pleasure we announce the new site for the 32nd QUAD Games Ski & Snowshoe: beautiful Wilderness Lodge located at 13448 Weeks Valley Road – Wattsburg, PA 16442. The ski reace will feature a five mile route with the snowshoe course measuring […]

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