The 40th Highmark QUAD Bike race (co-sponsored by UTZ Snacks) will take place on Saturday, July 9th at Edinboro University.  The first rider will go off at 9am. The full starting list will be sent out on Thursday.  Anyone who registers after the starting list is sent will be added to the bottom of the list.

Please note that due to various reasons we will not be holding riders up at the starting line.  Please be prepared to start “on your own”.  Thank you for understanding. Below is a timeline of race day events.

  • 8:00am – Registration and athlete check-in opens
  • 9:00am – First rider goes off in time trial start
  • 10:00am – After-party starts
  • 10:30am – QUAD Kids race starts (no later than 11am)

More race details will be sent out shortly but follow Highmark QUAD Games on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates.  Quad Bike | Highmark QUAD Games

If you registered for the virtual Highmark QUAD Games please use the following submission form to submit your time.  All times must be submitted by 12pm on 7/9/2022.  If you did not register for the virtual QUAD please do not use this form.  If you are registered for the virtual QUAD and plan to ride at the live race, you will NOT take a chip at check-in and will time yourself then submit your time using this link. Highmark Quad Bike 2022 Results Submission (

Long Live the QUAD!