Please look over the attached list to find your official start time for the Highmark QUAD Bike Race (co-sponsored by UTZ Snacks) on Saturday, July 13th (first rider goes off at 9am), beginning on Perry Lane alongside Edinboro University’s Football Stadium.

With hundreds of participants expected and in order for the race to go safely and smoothly, I ask for your cooperation in the following areas:

–          ARRIVE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START – if you are pre-registered you will need to get your computer chip along with your race number before you are counted down for your start.  Registration and check in will begin at 7:30am. Please bring your ID to the registration table (to confirm age for post-race refreshments).

     STARTING LIST – Please review the attached starting list.  Chip timing gives us flexibility with start times but we ask that you try your best to start when the attached starting list has you list.  This will be thing running smoothly and help avoid congestion at the start.

–          IMPORTANT – after you cross the finish line, be sure to return your chip to one of our volunteers.  If your chip is not returned you will be charged for its cost.

–          FINISH LINE PARKING – in years past there has been a lot of traffic at Arneman Road near the finish line adjacent to the Blue Tent. This is not only a safety concern; the congestion is unfair to the participants leaving the finish line after the ten o’clock hour.  NEW IN 2019: The post-race party will take place at the start line.  Please use caution (and ride single file on your way back to the starting line).

–          SAFETY No One Leaves The Starting Line Without A Helmet or With headphones.  This is for your safety and the safety of others.  Please obey these rules.

–          DO NOT WARM-UP OR PRACTICE ON ARNEMAN ROAD – spotters at the finish line already have a difficult job and if you are adding to the bike traffic it can interfere with the race results process.

–          HIGHMARK QUAD KIDS will begin near the registration tent at approximately 11:00am.  We will wait until most 12-mile riders are off the course.

–          CHECK-IN BARECODEin a separate email (sent later this week) you will find a barcode that we will utilize during check-in.  You can print a copy of this email or pull it up on your smartphone during check-in.  This will help make the check-in process quick and painless.

–          MAPS: a copy of the course map can be found on our website –

–          FINISH LINE PARTY: new this year!  The Edinboro Crossroad Diner will be hosting the finish line party!  All participants (21+) will be given a free beer at the finish and ALL participants will be given a hotdog after their race.  Those under 21 and non-drinkers can grab a free soda, along with the PowerAde, at the finish line.  Please bring your ID.  IDs will be checked at the registration table.

–          HIGHMARK QUAD STORE: Our apparel store is open during the month of July.  You have until 7/31/19 to make a purchase! Use your swim gift card, wait and see if you win a gift card at the bike or save all your gift cards until the store opens again in September. Anyone can make a purchase from the store (no gift card needed). Link to Quad Store:

–      QUAD BIKE:  We still have a limited number of Highmark Quad bike jerseys!! Jerseys will be $75 and can be purchased by contacting the Quad Daughter.

–      STRAVA SEGMENTS:  Download Strava on your smart phone and compete in our Strava Challenge.  Top three male and females on each segment will win gift cards to the Quad Store.  To complete you must have a Strava account and the app must be recording your bike ride at the race.  The points will be marked on the course, but check them out ahead of time: Quad Race Micro Climb and Quad Race Sprint.  Please note that overall bike winners will not be eligible for prizes in the Strava Challenge.

During the race the road will NOT be closed to vehicular traffic.  We will have the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department controlling traffic.  All racers will be given the “right of way” to vehicular traffic, but I want to make sure that we all treat the neighbors who live along the route and who may be driving on the route with respect.  All it takes is one upset neighbor to really make things difficult, so let’s work together to keep everyone happy!

All serious business aside, the Highmark QUAD Bike Race is a fun 12-mile ride through Edinboro’s beautiful countryside and a chance to gauge your fitness.  For some the bike race is an opportunity to move up the ranks of the overall QUAD standings and for many the motivation to pedal revolves around bragging rights amongst friends, family and coworkers. Whatever your reason, I’m glad you are taking part in this legendary event. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Long Live the QUAD!