Going back to last September, even before the QUAD Run (and who knew THAT would be the last event of the 29th year?) we began having meetings to plan out different ways to make the 30th Anniversary of the Highmark QUAD Games special.  Check that – I always think every year of the QUAD is special (because it IS!) but better and more objective minds than mine gathered to see if we could reach more people with the fun and positive outcomes of the Highmark QUAD Games.

There were some great ideas coming out of those meetings and I was grateful for the input.  Having coordinated the Games for so many years, it really does help to have some fresh ideas and one of them was to re-energize the long standing concept of the Corporate QUAD.  Thanks to Highmark’s support and many contacts in the business community along with the many area businesses the YMCA is connected to, we decided to take a new approach to workplace wellness.

Firing up employees within companies with the wide variety of different elements and attitudes can be a big challenge.  Ultimately, I am asking for YOUR help if you think there is a chance to rally the troops in your workplace or a way to reach more people where you work.  The payoff should be obvious.  You know the motivation, variety, fun and health that getting involved in the Games leads to. There is a very positive contagion that takes place when a few employees start speaking the gospel of bike riding, going to the pool at the Y or gathering for some walking and running tips.

Check out the Corporate Wellness section of our site and please feel free to contact me if there is any way I can help in your effort to get your work place a healthplace.