Training? What Training? This year it feels like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back.  I had run a few times the week before the “Bike Around the Bay” bike ride in mid-May. My knee was a little sore but it didn’t seem like ‘injury’ soreness, just a, “you haven’t used us in a while” type of soreness. I gave it a rest after the ride and about mid-week I was starting to feel guilty for not running seeing all my “My Fitness” friends posting their workouts. (If you have no face to face fitness friends that can hold you accountable to exercise, social media is the next best thing – most exercise apps can post straight to twitter, Facebook or Instagram – and you can have your own network of support).  I ran and my knee felt great that night– the exercise was just what it needed! Then the next day – my knee was not sore – it HURT.  Looks like I have bursitis, which apparently is one of the most common injuries for runners.  Getting older means  a much slower recovery and backing off the training.  I remember when I was 18 and would have said, “Didn’t my knee hurt yesterday?”  I really have tried my best to rest and follow the directions for recovery.  I was signed up for the Glow Run but had to miss it because of this injury.   I am also passing on the Jog and Hog, no pepperoni balls for me. I have taken nearly three weeks off with no running or biking and my knee is just starting to feel normal.

I rode my bike the other day to test it out and my knee felt good.  Just in time to start the Quad Bike Training Rides that started this Monday.  My plan is to keep getting in rides until I feel my knee is fully recovered. I will start off with some slower shorter rides and keep building up from there. Looking forward to doing some rides on the Allegheny River Trail – nice but long ride (50 miles).  I will continue with my morning exercise routine.  I try to hit the gym a few times, even though I would rather be outside.  I also plan to get in some kayaking out on Edinboro Lake and Presque Isle.

Hopefully by my next blog entry I will be up and running again. I have to start serious training for the Beast on the Bay and I have to be ready for the Quad run in September!!