The first thing I need to do is remind myself that I am not 19 years old anymore. Slow and steady is going to win this race. I appear to have the slow part down – timing device of choice is the sundial!! I over did it last week and have had to suffer through this week with a sore hamstring and ankle. My left side of the body is not just as tough as it once was and now my right side is getting all cocky. The sad tradeoff is that I can (and do) get hurt and sore more quickly and my recovery time is MUCH slower!

The weather last week was great for Quad activities. Only folks in NW PA appreciate the fact you can snowshoe in a snow storm, swim, run on bare roads and bike outside all in the same week.

As I wrote before, the pool was going to be my challenge in this year’s games. I did manage to secure the use of the swimming pool and have been in the water several times. I am no longer worried about making 100 meters – now I just want to work on my endurance and to be able to finish the race before all the water in the pool evaporates. (We call that baby steps or in my case the goal of swimming faster than a baby).

As a side benefit of getting the use of my school’s pool is the interest in swimming has been sparked in many of my colleagues. We are turning into quite the swim club. Sometimes it just takes something as simple as opening the door of opportunity to encourage others to start (or continue) on their own journey.

It’s my goal to hit the pool as often as I can before April 26th – the infamous Quad swim. I want to swim further without stopping, work on my form (not be mistaken for drowning during the Quad swim) and to try to drink less pool water. The whole turn head then breathe sequence is tricky. Yes the bar is set high!!

I’m having a blast. Training towards a goal is fun, even when it is outside my comfort zone. I hope to get a few miles of running in next week. I’m a little sad about putting away the snowshoes, but at least it means I can get my bike out. My mantra is little changes over the long haul. I hope to be a little better me every day and encourage others each day to do the same.


Mark Pacilio 2015