Well, I finished the Quad swim and achieved my two goals – not drowning and not finishing last (although not by much)!!! It turned out to be less of a traumatic experience than I had thought.  I thought this was only an ultra-competitive event, but it was obvious that most people there weren’t competing with anyone but themselves.  I now have a baseline and can set some more realistic goals for next year. The timing of the swimming event worked out well because as we get closer to the end of the school year all my swimming companions have started to fade and it’s never a good idea to swim alone. Time to move to the non-aquatic events!!

Last weekend was the Bike Around the Bay.  It was impressive to see all the folks ready to do the 30 mile ride.  I held off on submitting my blog a little bit since the Quad bike race is the next event and this ride falls right into the training regime. Well I don’t know if I’d call it a regime, more of a loose association of activities.  Amidst the exercise and trying to stay in shape, it is easy to lose sight that all this work is about enjoying life. This year I’ve biked around Presque Isle many times, but during the Bike Around the Bay ride I took a little more time to enjoy the scenery. What an awesome place we have to ride and run (and kayak – I love paddling through the lagoons). Not only is the scenery at PI beautiful, but the ride along the Bluff trail that runs along the Bayfront Highway is awesome , truly a hidden gem – what a view of the Bay!! Glad I wasn’t timed because I went back and rode that part again.

Now that it looks like winter is over, I can start working on my running as well as biking. The Quad training is reminding me that being in shape for one activity does not mean I’m in shape for another.  My goal is to alternate one day running with one day biking, assuming the weather cooperates. My last couple attempts at running have shown me how the winter lay off has really left me out of shape.

This weekend is the Glow Run out at Behrend. My knee is a little sore; hopefully I’ll be ready to go.

Keep Training My Friends…


Mark Pacilio 2015