Apparently I have made the exercise god mad, and I think he must be Buddha.

Sadly June was truly a wash out in terms of workouts. I developed bursitis at the end of May and it has stuck with me throughout the entire month of June and the beginning of July. Also I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the weather has been kind of crappy. I have not gotten into my summer workout mode at all. During the school year it is easy, get up exercise, shower, eat and go to school. Run, ride or kayak after school. Now that the summer schedule is here my routine is shot.  The weather (I did go to NC for a week and the weather was the antithesis of here, blazing hot sun with temps hovering around a 100 degrees – too hot to ride or be outside) and injuries have not been the greatest motivators for exercise either.

I was able to get a little bike riding in. My knee seemed to tolerate that fairly well.  Did the Quad Bike ride on Monday’s several times and was looking forward to the bike event. I realize Edinboro is a little out of the way for many folks, but  I was still surprised that more people didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. It was great to ride the course and meet some of my fellow participants. (and here is where I must have angered the exercise god once again) I found out i have a wedding I am supposed to play at on that Saturday – no problem – it’s in Erie, but the race is over in plenty of time – until I found out it is at 10:30 AM. Scratch the bike race. 🙁  It was the one event I was looking forward to out of all of them. (even took the training wheels off).

On the bright side I think my knee is better and I am going to try to do some very short runs in the next few days. Hopefully all will go well.  It is time to start training for the Quad Run and the Beast on the Bay. And there is a run at the end of the month at Sprague’s Farm that sounds fun. I am looking forward to some bike rides, especially down at the Allegheny River Trails.

Here’s hoping my next report in will be filled with stories of successful training.  I need it, I think I am starting to look like Buddha again.

Stay Healthy My Friends,