I sit here very conflicted. The last few weeks have not given us any weather that would make for a successful ski race. Now, at the 11th hour, it’s snowing at Wilderness Lodge and the weather forecast is calling for nothing but the white stuff.

Every winter between 1983 and 2014 the QUAD Father was faced with this very decision….to ski or not to ski? This is the first time I truly understand what him (and his family endure) during those 31 years.

If today I say, “we are having to the ski race on Sunday,” I’m saying yes, knowing…. 1. Weather predictions sometimes don’t come true. 2. The course is only 50% skiable; will it be skiable in 2.5 days? 3. Almost no one has been on skis or snowshoes in the last two weeks. 4. There is a chance we won’t be able to host an event that lives up to the standards the Quad Games strives for. 5. If we get enough snow to race the course will mostly likely be soft and slow

If today I say, “we are not having the ski race on Sunday,” I’m saying no, knowing…. 1. Sunday could roll around and we could have perfect conditions. 2. Many people will lose out on a chance to finish all four QUAD events. 3. People and teams won’t have a final event to move up in rankings. 4. We may miss out on an afternoon of amazing, winter fun and witness some awesome racing! 5. My little QUAD Kid, Lane Latimer will miss out on his very first QUAD event.

I understand that people are anxious to know whether the ski is on or off for Sunday but I can honestly sit here and say, I don’t know. I need 23 more hours to see what this weather does. The Quad Father will be heading up to Wilderness tomorrow morning to check out the scene. I will be sending out another email tomorrow at 12:00pm with my final decision. I apologize for keeping you in limbo but I want to give this decision a little more time.

The QUAD Daughter