About QUAD Games

The Highmark Quad’s online apparel store is open!! The store will close on March 15, 2020.  Please note that all gift certificates received in 2019 will expire on March 15.  It’s time to start collecting more certificates for your 2020 purchases!

Quad Store Link: https://stores.inksoft.com/YMCAQG/shop/home

Store Details: The store will be open during each of our 2020 Quad events. Quad age group winners will be awarded cash to the Quad Store via an emailed gift certificate (at the end of each event) – be sure your email is updated when you register for the Quad. The store will stay open 2-3 weeks after each event. You can save your gift certificate to use at the end of the Quad season for one big purchase or use after each event. All gift certificates earned in 2019 will need to be redeemed by the final store close in March of 2020.

Not planning to participate in the Quad or win an award?  No problem!  Anyone can make a purchase at our online store.  A big thank you to Creative Imprint for helping to get the new online store up and running!

Long Live the Quad!!