And so, as summer has the habit of doing, it has slipped away like a thief in the night.

There was a lot I had planned to do and a little less that I actually did, but for the most part it was a productive summer (though not a student or teacher, I still recognize summer on the scholastic calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar). One of those things that didn’t quite make the cut was my Highmark Quad Games run training. This week, as I try to make up for lost time, I am regretting that choice.

I do enjoy running when I am engaged in it. My problem is that first step. I’ve run only one or two times a week since the bike. I had plenty of time to practice, but somehow most of those times I found another worthwhile activity. That is not how you prepare for a race when you have never been a serious runner. Maybe for the more experienced among us, once or twice is plenty, just enough to stay fit and be rested come game day.

When I did my baseline almost two months back, I had hoped for more: intervals, hills, pavement, track work, even the trails behind my house. I had big dreams. But c’mon, the Pirates were hot and there were road trips to make. The rec soccer team made the finals for goodness sake! Sacrifices were made.

So when see me struggling on some residential street in North East as you gallop past me, just remember I had fun in becoming so unprepared.

See your on the 19th!