I used to date this girl. She would take forever to get ready to go anywhere. FOREVER. I would be all set, and she would say she was almost ready, but after 20 or 30 minutes of standing by the door with the keys in my hand I would give up and go get into something else to pass the time. Maybe check email, look for a game to watch, or organize a sock drawer, stuff like that.

When enough time had elapsed for an El Niño cycle to pass and to name a new pope and she was actually ready, she would burst out of the bathroom or bedroom or wherever and say impatiently and with no hint of irony, “C’mon, let’s go! Hurry up.” Like she was ready all along and I was the one who had tarried. Every time!

Well, this year winter was that girl. It took ages but when it finally emerged it was in full force and it had an itinerary. It made us forget that we were in ugly Christmas t-shirts, not ugly Christmas sweaters just a couple of weeks ago. Now it says, “Hey, QUAD ski, c’mon, let’s go!” And I feel like I was the one who delayed the snow.

This is the event in which I am the least proficient, but also the one that I enjoy the most. I started by doing back-country jaunts 5 years ago, and just last spring bought my first skate setup. It has an obnoxious 1991 day-glow color palette and cost $100 dollars used, but it will get the job done. Only problem is I haven’t logged 5 miles total in them, let alone in one stretch. Still I look forward to the race, and the rest of the winter.

After all, when she was finally ready to go she looked great, and by the time we were in the car and on our way to party, I had forgotten all about the waiting anyway.

See you Sunday!