I swam so fast (or my hair is so big), my swim cap popped off!

Last Sunday I drove from Pittsburgh to Edinboro for the Quad Swim. I didn’t bring my son because it felt like too much to handle on a one day up and back trip.

I checked in at the desk and got my snazzy green QUAD t-shirt then changed into my suit. I practiced a dive off the starting blocks, confirmed that my goggles would not have a chance of staying on, tossed them aside then went into the deep dive area to warm up a bit and practice flip turns. My heat began at noon. A volunteer called the first six so I went for it. I have a bit of a “let’s get this over with” mentality and sometimes get nervous waiting around for events to start. I felt pretty good throughout the race. About 2/3 of the way through I could feel my cap swimming back but decided not to waste any time adjusting it. 1:24 after diving off the starting blocks, I was done, happy and just had to go find my orange cap bobbing in the water. I hope everyone had a blast at the QUAD Swim. Next up: the bike ride!


Katie Swim 1

Katie Swim 2