Well, I can’t avoid it any longer, I’m doing the Quad games.

As an adopted Edin-bro, it has been conspicuously present for most of my life in PA: The friends who can’t meet up to watch the Tottenham game because its Quad swim Saturday, the spray painted asphalt for weeks after the Quad bike race, and the t-shirts…so many t-shirts.

It makes sense though, for me to enter the Quad. I’ve never ran or biked competitively and I’ve never owned skate skis let alone entered a race. The last time I swam in anger, glorious it was, at the Southeast Alaska Regional meet in 1988, I was the backstroke of that famous medley relay team that took fifth place. I was seven-years-old and the ribbon was green.

All that aside, it makes perfect sense for me to participate. I love organized activities, especially those of a physically competitive nature. As we grow through life, we see a steady decline in the convenient opportunities to engage in sport, we have to seek them out. All those kids who tried to get out of gym class? They won. They got their way and forged a sedentary world in which we who love sport and games must go looking for them.

Well, the Quad is our gym class and I’m excited to give it a shot. Granted, I would be more excited if it were Discus throw, Oklahoma drill, Frisbee golf or boomeranging, but you take what you can get, so I’m in.