Well I got some good news and I got some bad news………..

The good news is I finally started running again! My knee seems to be doing OK and I am out pounding the mean streets.  That is to say as much as I can find the mean streets. I have been camping and out of town, so my opportunities have been limited. But I have started again.

What was weird for me was that I was actually afraid to start running again. My knee hurt, it felt better and I didn’t want to make it hurt again. That really made me over cautious and I waited longer than I needed to start running again. I guess as I am getting older I  like pain less and it takes longer to go away. But I am starting slowly, getting loose before I start and even stretching out during the run when I feel a little tightness.

Unfortunately the bad news is I am completely and absolutely out of shape.  It will be back to run, walk and catch me breath and run again until I get back into shape. I been there before and I am going to appreciate the process of actually getting back into shape more this time. I will pay more attention to the smaller milestones. Last time I was trying to reduce my 5k time before I appreciated the fact I could run 5k.  I completed the Color Run a couple week ago- fortunately it was a fun run – so I could spend a lot of time catching my breath.

The Beast on the Bay is coming up in a month, so I will have to start getting very serious about upping my exercise, both running and upper body. It also gives me an excuse to run on the beach – that is always a good workout. There is no better place to run than on the beach at sunset on Presque Isle! The week after the that is the Quad Run. In my current state ‘out-of-shapedness’ I am hoping to keep my 5K under 30 minutes.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.