Put on your best Steven Tyler voice and sing along with me: “I’m back in the saddle again.” Since mid-February my life has been filled with the fun of swim-bike-run. I’m preparing for a half Iron Man in June and my Quad training needs to coincide as best as I can make it. My pool sessions are often filled with botched attempts at quick, powerful flip turns. Sometimes I become fatigued and slap the lane divider then manage to zig-zag in a narrow, shared lane.

I wear goggles. Even though I cannot find goggles that fit comfortably (and I’ve tried everything from kids to men’s to Swedish) it’s better to suffer the headache-inducing pain of keeping them extremely tight so they seal than to go without.

My most recent swim felt like a struggle. It was disappointing because prior to that one, I felt progressive gains in the pool. Oh well. I like to say “any workout is a good workout.” I think that’s a slight exaggeration but there are mantras I tell myself to keep going. Usually after one bad workout you’ll get a streak of good ones. Spring is in the air and I’m psyched to be back into training mode. The Quad is fun because it gives you a variety of sports to participate in. The fact that the events are spaced out is an incentive to keep fit year-round.

I’ve gotten less competitive against others as an adult. My mentality now is about establishing a lifetime of fitness and enjoying the great outdoors. As a wife and mom, I want to stay healthy for my family.

If you see a woman with red goggle marks and dripping wet hair rushing to get her son from Child Watch after a workout – that’s me! It can be hectic making time for workouts, but it’s fun to keep jumping back in the saddle, pool, snowshoes, and sneakers year after year. I hope to see you at the starting line in April!