The start of the 2015 QUAD Games is just around the corner.  Hundreds of local athletes are preparing for this year’s games and ready to make a splash at the swim on April 26th at Edinboro University (McComb Fieldhouse).  This year you can follow three local athletes as they prepare, train and conquer the swim, bike, run and ski through the QUAD Blog! Check out this year’s bloggers!

  1. Katie Landis (Turk): A new mom who has been active her entire life. She was an original QUAD Kid (before QUAD Kids was a real event) but hasn’t competed in the QUAD since 2010. This will be her first year training and competing with a toddler in tow! See how she balances family life and training to try to beat her previous QUAD times. This will be her son, Roger’s first QUAD Kids experience!
  2. Mark Pacilio: A father of three, husband and teacher at East High School. Recently Mark decided to make a few major lifestyle changes, fitness being one of them! Mark is now a regular face at all local athletic event – Beast by the Bay, Color Run, Beers to Gears, ERC Races and more. See how Mark tackles is first ever QUAD and starts to incorporate swimming and skiing into his regular fitness routine.
  3. Erling Oster: Erling is a sports enthusiast and writer from Edinboro whose work has appeared in the Albion and Edinboro News, as well as The Fighting Cock, a British soccer site. He played football and the field part of track and field at General McLane and currently plays rec league soccer and tennis. The four Quad events will each be the first competitions of their kind for him. Find out if he finds new pastimes through the Quad games or if he is one-and-done.

Stay tuned for our first blog post by Erling Oster on Wednesday, March 4th!

Katie and Roger

Katie (Turk) and Roger Landis

Mark Pacilio 2015

Mark Pacilio

Erling Oster Blog Pic

Erling Oster