A great way for your company to get on a healthy track is to enter a team in the Highmark QUAD Corporate Competition.  The path to finding fitness through the life sports of swimming, biking running and cross-country skiing is a pure and a positive step for your employee’s wellness.


How do we start our team?

A good idea is to find someone at your place of work that already has an interest in fitness; more than likely you have at least one employee who is already a runner, swimmer, biker, skier, triathlete, etc. or has a YMCA membership.  Have them spread the word and begin to find like minded candidates.


Is this for top athletes only?

No! No! No way! The winners get their names in the paper but the real focus of the Highmark QUAD Games is a season long four event fitness program.  The 100-yard swim at a pool that has two lanes with no deep end so novices can feel comfortable; the 12-mile bike is on a beautiful, lightly rolling country road with no big hills; the scenic course for the 5-mile run has plenty of people that choose to walk or push their little ones in a stroller through the grape country in North East; the 5-mile ski has an option for 2.5 mile snowshoe.  Remember: these are Games!  They are a fitness goal and a way to have healthy fun.


How many participants do we need?

The size of your team is based on the size of your company (see graph below.)


Who’s eligible to be on the team?

Full-time and regular part-time employees; family members are not (unless they are employees) but bring the family to the QUAD anyway because it’s more fun.


Do team employees have to do all four events?

No (but of course they should.)  Example: You have an employee that likes to swim but won’t do the ski under threat of torture – no problem!  If your company size requires a 5 person team, you can have your swimmer represent at the swim. From there just gather at least five employees for the 12-mile bike ride.


If our team requirement is five, what happens if we have more show up?

You’ll have more fun and its better all around.  The team scoring is based on the average time of your top five employees across the finish line.  Having more employees will not in any way have a negative impact on your team score.


  What was that about families again?

While family members who are not employees can’t be part of your scoring, bringing the family to participate in the very family friendly events of the Highmark QUAD Games makes it a more enjoyable day all around.  The Highmark QUAD Kids sponsored by Wegmans offers events that are perfect for employees with children as young as 3 and 4 years old.  The QUAD Kids Swim is just 25 or 50 yards and the bike, run and ski offer distance of ½ and one mile for the children.  The YMCA offers free baby-sitting while Mom and Dad are out on their own race so after the Main Event the parents can watch the little ones in their non-competitive event with each child getting a medal for their participation.





0-100:              3 employees
101- 500:         4 employees
501- 1500:       5 employees
1501 – 2000:   6 employees
2000 – UP:       7 employees